What I learned last week…


What I have learned recently

On Tuesday I learnt:

  • how exacting database syntax was
  • that primary keys had to be unique

MySQL Tutorial


Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2017!

We have a new group of eager web design and development students who are learning about using Dreamweaver and Content Management Systems.

I have asked them to write a blog post about what they have been learning this week.

Welcome Cert IV Web Class 2016

Hi Cert IV Web class of 2016!

This semester we will be looking at:

  • Using a web authoring tool to create websites
  • Using content management systems to create websites

I want you to regularly blog about how you’re doing with this course. So sign up for a free WordPress.com blog and then comment on this post with the URL of your blog. We will follow each other’s blogs and share interesting resources and reflections as we continue our paths to becoming a junior web developer.

I look forward to teaching you and seeing what work you produce this year.

Good luck!

Checking in

We are back from a two week back break. I’m not sure what the students go up to but I will find out shortly. Their first task for term 4 is to write a blog post about what they did over the holidays.